11.02.15 - X2C - reinventing the wheel.

01.12.14 - CC8 / New standard for woofers.


01.11.14 - Mid West SPL Nationals.


20.10.14 - Car Audio Championship Finals.


20.10.14 - Euro finals & World Records.


15.05.14 - EL12K, Banging on a Budget woofer.


25.04.14 - Zero.7, The next step.


21.04.14 - Custom Performance Show, Sweden


10.04.14 - Duo MK2, Analog at its best.


04.03.14 - HN18 MK2, wider, louder & cooler.


28.02.14 - HN6, Pro audio without modifications.


04.01.14 - Ref 6.1, SQ component kit.


14.11.13 - Quattro Class H, the Active Evolution.


















Some things are sweet, others are just sweeter.
Being Danish is also about being different.

Audiophile & visual design is a known heritage for the Danes, as well is the term Danish Quality.
Those elements are all part our products & our philosophy.
Doing things differently makes us niché & unique, just like the sound preferences of every single person. After all who wants to be the same as everyone else, eating the same piece of pie as well?
Therefore we give you "Sweet like Danish", something different & unique, for the ones who prefer it a tad sweeter than the rest.