01.11.14 - Mid West SPL Nationals.


20.10.14 - Car Audio Championship Finals.


20.10.14 - Euro finals & World Records.


15.05.14 - EL12K, Banging on a Budget woofer.


25.04.14 - Zero.7, The next step.


21.04.14 - Custom Performance Show, Sweden


10.04.14 - Duo MK2, Analog at its best.


04.03.14 - HN18 MK2, wider, louder & cooler.


28.02.14 - HN6, Pro audio without modifications.


04.01.14 - Ref 6.1, SQ component kit.


14.11.13 - Quattro Class H, the Active Evolution.



















Damping Mats

Inter Connects





All in the Install.


What ever it takes to ease your install, that's what we have in mind when thinking about accessories. Higly flexible true 0GA cable. Premium 100% butyl damping mats. Heavy duty fuseholders, fuses & ring terminals, all products that will provide you with good possibilites of making a successful install that will stand against time.